It started as a small business, but over time developed into the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy, behind Barilla and Buitoni.

In the Spring of 2008, the farmers’ cooperative of Forli-Cesena & Rimini (the “Coop”) decided to buy out the brand and invest over 30 million Euros into a new state of the art pastificio (pasta factory) and mill. This transaction allowed the Coop to become 100% vertically integrated and have complete control over the entire production process: from the raw materials through production, sales and distribution.

Today GHIGI has become a one-stop shop for all of your Italian food product needs. Our Co-Op produces a large variety of raw materials and finished food products. All of our products are held to strict guidelines and we guarantee:

  • 100% Italian raw materials

  • 100% GMO free with Certified Organic capabilities

  • Complete control over the production process

  • A fully tracked product from our fields to your table