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GHIGI was founded in 1870 by a baker named Nicola Ghigi.

It started as a small business, but over time developed into the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy, behind Barilla and Buitoni.

In the Spring of 2008, the farmers’ cooperative of Forli-Cesena & Rimini (the “Coop”) decided to buy out the brand and invest over 30 million Euros into a new state of the art pastificio (pasta factory) and mill. This transaction allowed the Coop to become 100% vertically integrated and have complete control over the entire production process: from the raw materials through production, sales and distribution.

Today GHIGI has become a one-stop shop for all of your Italian food product needs. Our Co-Op produces a large variety of raw materials and finished food products. All of our products are held to strict guidelines and we guarantee:

  • 100% Italian raw materials

  • 100% GMO free with Certified Organic capabilities

  • Complete control over the production process

  • A fully tracked product from our fields to your table


Our Pastificio



Our Pastificio is located in the area of San Clemente, a little municipality in the province of Rimini where the GHIGI brand was founded over 140 years ago. 

It lies on an area of 100,000 square meters and is strategically positioned to help service the activities of our farmers in the area. In line with the latest “Green Energy” practices, the pastificio’s electricity is partially fueled by vegetable oil made by discarded sunflower and grape seed.